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Scholarships application terms

Dear Applicant,

Prior to filling in the Application Form, please, read scholarship terms and conditions very carefully.

Scholarships are provided to the Conference attendees who:

  • either have no possibility or limited possibilities to personally cover all the expenses related to their participation in the Conference
  • and / or make personal contributions to the Conference on their own behalf or behalf of the group they represent.

Scholarship Program stipulates for a contest for each of the three participation categories: Science and Medicine Scholar’s, Civil Society Scholars and International Development Assistance Scholars. In total, 500 scholarships will be granted.

You can file a Scholarship Application in one of the two working languages of the Conference, English or Russian. Application submitted by one applicant more than once will not be considered.
You have to be above 18 years at the date of the Conference (March 23, 2016).

Communication between the Applicants and the Conference Organizers will be performed via emails. Please, make sure that all the emails you submit are valid and functional. Remember to check your email box (both Incoming and Spam folders) at least once every 2 days.

Full Scholarship covers the following expenses:

  • Registration fee
  • Traveling (by air or railway (sleeping car))
  • Accommodation (type to be defined by Conference Organizers)
  • Transfer from your accommodation to/from the Conference venue

The Conference Organizers organize for scholars’ attendance of the Conference personally and therefore HAVE NO POSSIBILITY TO REIMBURSE THE COST of traveling, accommodation and transfer for those participants who personally organize their traveling and accommodation even if they have been granted with the right to scholarship.

Scholars will stay in Moscow within three days, March 23-25, 2015. Air / train tickets will be booked and purchased by the Organizers depending on availability with no prior consent of the Scholars. No dates or ticket changes will therefore be possible. Should the Scholar be unable to attend the Conferences at the dates, they forfeit the scholarship. After granting the scholarship and filling in the Traveling and Accommodation Form, the Organizers conduct no further communication with the scholars to discuss dates and time of their arrival and departure.

Earlier paid registration fee will not be reimbursed after granting a scholarship. Please, see all the terms and conditions of registration fee payment in Registration > Conditions.
The Organizers will book Scholars’ accommodations from 12:00 of March 22, 2016, till 12:000 March 26, 2016.

Given the limited number of scholarship we strongly encourage you to personally register as Conference participants and seek for other means to cover your expenses related to the Conference participation.
Scholarship will be granted by three scholarship committees: Science and Medicine scholarship committee, Civil Society scholarship committee and International Development Assistance scholarship committee, comprising of members of the Organizational and Program Committees of the Conference.

Scholarship committees will review all the applications received on or prior to September 20, 2015. Application submitted after 6 p.m. (Moscow time) of September 20, 2015, will not be reviewed.
All applicants will receive positive or negative response on or prior to December 1, 2015. Scholarship committee members or Organizers will not communicate with applicants and provide reasons for positive or negative decisions.
Applicants whose applications are denied will be included into the Wait List. Should any scholarship rejections or recalls due to non-conformance to the scholarship terms and conditions occur, the Organizers will offer the scholarships to the applicants on the Wait List in order of precedency. 

The Scholarship committee will not review applications containing incomplete and / or incorrect and / or false data about the applicants (name, date of birth, passport details, address, phone, email).

Participation Agreements will be signed with every Scholar. Should the Scholar fail to meet all the contractual terms and conditions, the Agreement will be terminated and the scholarship will be recalled.

Final Agreement will be uploaded to the Conference website after November 2015 for your prior acquaintance. Please, read the text through carefully.

Scholarship approval procedure and organizing for scholars arrival:


  • 2nd Meeting of the Organizing Committee
  • BRICS Conference on infectious diseases. June 2015
  • Civil Society PC 26.03.15
  • December 1 - World Aids Day 2015
  • Dive Safely! Kazan, June-July 2015
  • EECAAC-2006
  • EECAAC-2008
  • EECAAC-2009
  • EECAAC-2014
  • EECAAC-2016 Advisory Board
  • EECAAC-2016 Day 1
  • HIV testing in Kazan
  • International Development Assistance PC 24.03.15
  • Memorial Day. May 17, 2015
  • PMTCT Conference. Saint-Petersburg, June 2015
  • Program Committees Meeting. October 1-2, 2015
  • Science and Medicine PC 26.03.15
  • World AIDS Day. December 1, 2014