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Programme Committee "Civil Society"


Денис Годлевский Аширова
Denis Godlevsky, Co-Chair of the Civil Society Committee, EECAAC 2014, Supervisor of the Function BRICS from Civil Society
Victoria Ashirova, Director, NGO "Hope and LIfe"

  1. Evgeniya Alekseeva, Director, Public Health and Social Development Foundation FOCUS-MEDIA
  2. A. Aliev, volunteer, Society of People Living with HIV
  3. L. Aliev, Estonian Net of People Living with HIV, Estonia
  4. Parvina Akhmedova, Director, NGO Bovari+
  5. I. Bibicheva, “Shakh Atsym” Non-governmental organization, Kyrgyzstan
  6. N. Baranov, “Counter-drugs Programme” Non-commercial Partnership
  7. Yury Bykadorov, Head, Monitoring and PR Department, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs
  8. Grigory Vergus, Programme Director, ITPCru
  9. N. Vinogradova, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, Open Institute of Health
  10. A Volgina, East-European and Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV
  11. K. Vikhireva, “E.V.A.” Non-commercial Partnership
  12. M. Godlevskaya, “E.V.A.” Non-commercial Partnership
  13. Yuliya Godunova, Senior Advocacy Specialist of NGO E.V.A, Eurasian Women's Network on AIDS
  14. Sergey Golovin, Independent Expert, Treatment Preparedness Coalition
  15. P. Dzhamolov, “SPIN Plus” Non-governmental Organization, Tajikistan
  16. Irina Evdokimova, President, NGO E.V.A
  17. Tatyana Evlampieva, Independent Expert
  18. Sagyngali Elkeev, Executive Director, Kazakh Association "Equal to Equal"
  19. A. Esse, Patient Control, Programme Director on HIV/AIDS Prevention
  20. Albert Zaripov, Chairman, Kazan NGO for the Relatives of Drug Dependent Persons "Vera", Tatarstan Patient Forum TATKAB
  21. Y. Ivanova, “E.V.A.” Non-commercial Partnership
  22. Svetlana Izambaeva, “Svetlana Izambaeva’s” Non-commercial Charitable Fund 
  23. B. Isaeva, Eurasian AIDS Women Network; OYUL National Network “Unity of People Living with HIV” Association, Kyrgyzstan
  24. Igor Kilchevsky, Director, League of People Living with HIV, Republic of Moldova
  25. Anna Krukova, Programme Director on Preventing Socially Significant Diseases, Charity Fund "Open Medical Club"
  26. A. Ladonkin, “Naslediye” Fund
  27. Alina Maksimovskaya, Senior Researcher, All-Russia NGO on Felicitating Prevention and Treatment of Narcological Diseases "Russian Substance Abuse League"
  28. Zulfiya Mustafaeva, Chair of NGO Judicial Development and Democracy
  29. Evgeny Pisemsky, Council Chairman of Orlov Regional NGO for AIDS Prevention and Treatment Femiem PLUS
  30. Y. Prokhoda, “Equal Dialogue” Krasnodar Regional Non-governmental organization for Health Protection
  31. Z. Razzakov, “Equal Opportunities” Non-governmental Organization, Tajikistan
  32. I Romanova, “Live” Regional Non-governmental Organization for Social Care, the Khabarovsk Territory
  33. A. Savitsky, President of “Healthy Country” Non-commercial Fund
  34. A. Skvortsov, “Patient  Control” Movement
  35. A. Stoyanova, “Life+” Mutual Aid Club” Non-governmental Youth Organization
  36. Aibar Sultangaziev, Expert, Legal Personal Union, Harm Reduction Programme Associations "Partner Network"
  37. Y. Tarasova, Nefteyugansk District Hospital
  38. V. Tomchinski, “NETWORK PLUS” - The Network of Polish People Living with HIV/AIDS, Poland
  39. Lyudmila Trukhan, Founder, Belarus Public Association "Positive Movement"
  40. K. Tyurin, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs
  41. A. Usachyova, “Svecha” Charity Fund
  42. V. Tsunik, “Ark Anti-AIDS” Rostov Regional Non-governmental Organization
  43. P. Tserendendev, “Youths to Health”, Mongolia
  44. A. Chikhachyova, “Humanities Activity” Fund, Saint-Petersburg
  45. Marina Chokheli, Coordinator, Harm Reduction Programmes, Institute of Open Society, Georgia.
  46. Lubov Chubukova, Depute Chair, NGO "Kazakh Network of Women Living with HIV
  47. Natalya Khilko, Information Exchange Specialist, ITPCru
  48. M. Yakovleva, “Svecha” Charity Fund
  • 2nd Meeting of the Organizing Committee
  • BRICS Conference on infectious diseases. June 2015
  • Civil Society PC 26.03.15
  • December 1 - World Aids Day 2015
  • Dive Safely! Kazan, June-July 2015
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  • EECAAC-2008
  • EECAAC-2009
  • EECAAC-2014
  • EECAAC-2016 Advisory Board
  • EECAAC-2016 Day 1
  • HIV testing in Kazan
  • International Development Assistance PC 24.03.15
  • Memorial Day. May 17, 2015
  • PMTCT Conference. Saint-Petersburg, June 2015
  • Program Committees Meeting. October 1-2, 2015
  • Science and Medicine PC 26.03.15
  • World AIDS Day. December 1, 2014